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September 4th Newsletter


We have completed our first week of school. I think it was a huge success especially considering all of the new things we have all been experiencing:

  • routines for entering and leaving school

  • wearing masks

  • two lunch periods

  • new staff

  • different schedules

  • the list goes on.

Some of our students are having difficulty keeping their masks up over their nose. It just takes a little bit of reminding and they remember to cover both mouth and nose. After this first week, they are experts at sanitizing their hands.



Mark your calendars. Faith Formation Day is Monday, October 5th. Faith Formation Day is a day when all of the teachers in the Diocese of New Ulm gather together to grow in their faith. Because of COVID-19, this year's event is being held virtually. Instead of traveling, we will gather as a faculty and interact with the presenter via Zoom. This event was not on the calendar in the Family Handbook and there is no school that day.



We want to wish Avery Joyer (8-31) a very happy birthday. Her birthday was last Monday. Celebrating birthdays this week are Jack Wendlandt (9-6), Allison Herrera (9-6) and Mrs. Thompson (9-7). We are no longer asking room parents to collect money and buy a gift for staff members. If you would like to recognize your child's birthday by sending a special treat, it is always welcome. Just remember that it must be store bought or made in a commercial kitchen. If you would like to recognize a staff member's birthday you can do that if you wish but it is not an expectation.



We have already reached our first milestone!! Our first goal was $1,000. At our rally on Thursday we happily announced that we surpassed that on our first week of school. The first graders got to choose between having a day when gum would be allowed, an extra recess or getting a smile item. They decided on extra recess. They will get that incentive this next week. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

The letter to the churches in our AFC will be sent out this next week. We ask our parents to follow up with phones calls the following week. A quick call makes a HUGE difference. Your fundraising account will be credited when pledges come in from your assigned parishioners.



I talked about this during our Back To School Night. This is an app that we use to quickly send information to you. Things like winter emergencies, no school days, celebrations etc. Use these directions if you would like to be added and get these reminders. Thanks.


Thank you so much for entrusting your child's education to the teachers and staff at the School of St. Philip. We are doing everything possible to keep everyone here healthy and to grow your child in mind, body and soul.

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