Our Marathon Intentions

As Christians we are called to share in the ministry of Christ’s intercession for the whole world. At the School of St. Philip, we are honored to join together and pray for our generous marathon donors and on their behalf. May God grant each of these prayers, provide strength, healing and salvation, and make His presence known to all.

In honor of Nick and Kathleen’s Baby

In honor and memory of Jeanne Grates and Delores Speiser

In memory of Irv Jensrud and in honor of the Jensrud family

In Memory of Mike Kotzer and Jerome Eischens

I honor of Sharon Kotzer, Rosemary Eischens, Dave, Shelly and Breanna Eischens

In memory of Fred & Helen Boerner and Vern & Hilma Worden

In memory of Mary Ann Baker and Jeffrey Baker

In honor of nurses, doctors, teachers and students

For the Health and well-being of all humankind

In memory of John, Bob and Tom Sommerfeld

In honor of Paul Walby

For all law enforcement officers

For the Wagner / Culbertson families

For all our family and fellow men

For all those effected by weather

For Pat Ehr, Debbie Ehr, the Steve Ehr family and Mark Vogel

In honor of Cheryl Fey

For the military

In honor of Glenn & Dennis   In memory of Denise, David, Robert, Jason, Guy, Betty, Sam, Vince and Mark

In memory of Dale Gilles

For our nation

For the children going back to school

For all missing children

In memory of Joe Nelson

For Tom Wimmer

For Brenda

In memory of Don & Lyla Farmer

For Jack Binsfeld

For Katie Riehle

For the leaders of our country -  that they can work together

For St. Philip School

In honor of Kayla’s great grandparents

For all kids in school to have a safe and fun year

For the Garth Culbertson family and the Merlin Johnson family

For Lois, Dick and our family to stay healthy and happy

For peace for our nation, for those struggling and alone and for students and staff

For Julie Stone, Tyler Lane, Lisa Deedrick,  Jim & Pat Ehr and family and Marlene

For Sandy Whitfield, Sharon Copple and family, the Culbertson-Wagner families

For military, police, fire and medical

For our families, our country and coming together as a country

For special intentions for my family

Healing for Ellen Libbesmeier

In memory of Wayne Baumgartner

In memory of Ken Kardell

In thanksgiving for God’s generous and faithful love

In honor of all Front-Line workers throughout the covid pandemic

In memory of all the people who lost loved ones on 9-11-2001

In honor of Philip Johnson and in memory of Melvin Johnson

For a full recovery for Jenna Bjork from breast cancer

In memory of Tom Kreger and Richard Pursley

In honor of St. Philips alumni; Riley, Conner and Ella Taber

In memory of Paul Olberding

For Grandma Bernie

For schools to stay open all year and all viruses to go away.

For deceased family members of the Springer and Dreher family

For people suffering from covid, floods, fires and droughts

For our planet, for peace in Afghanistan, for our government leaders

For Gary Neilson and Elwood Bakke

In honor of military veterans

In memory of Cletus & MaryAnn Spieker and Ed & Lois Biggard

In memory of Michelle Lasley

For a healthy school year

In memory of Gayle Ellson and Paul Olberding

In honor of Tom who was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma

In honor of Kampa and Ross families

For Molly and Tony who both have lost a parent recently

For peace in our families, neighborhoods, community, country and world

For family, travelers, pregnant women and sick babies

For peace for our nation and its people to treat each other with peace and kindness

For present and past members of the Polley, Wellbrock, Carlson and Johnson families

For families dealing with addiction – that they find help and peace

In memory of Edna & Joe Duclos, John & Ann Kersting, Evelyn & William Annexstad   and Dorothy Carlson

In memory of Butch Voss, Kelly Nankivil and Bobbie Snow

In memory of Duane Weisensel

For peace for Ron Kern

For George Ruhland

For an end to abortion

For all my kids and grandkids

For the deceased family members of the Wallace and Nelson Families

For healthy kids all year long

For all unborn babies

In honor of Sammy

For those who lost loved ones to covid, and the hurricanes

For the people of Afghanistan

For peace, health and justice for people around the world

In memory of Ken & Joan Ziegler

The for homeless, hospital nurses and staff and a safe school environment for our kids

For the Kuechle Family

In memory of Gordie Kramer

For world peace

For Katie Riehle

For local small businesses

For Jeff Ruhland and Elaine Pelzer

For the world, country, unity amount community’s and family

For Dave Binsfeld

For Sy Jansen who is healing from medical issues

For Tom & Sally Hulbert, for good health and finances and for our country

For Mike Boerner’s parents

For all American troops and 1st responders who willingly put their lives on the line for us daily

For all people to be kind and courteous to others

For world peace and all the sick

For a safe harvest

For all the hard-working teachers

For Mrs. McGraw and her students

In memory of Helen Durken

In memory of Werner Finken, Mary Helen Finken and Dylan Falling

For Katie Riehle and Jarod Johnson

For the Hanson family and the Tadych family

In honor of brave people standing up for equal rights everywhere

In memory of Fred Fortney

In memory of Pat & Dick Lindmark and Margaret McCarney

In memory of Harry & Floretta Laabs

In memory of Brent Nelsen

For my sister’s health problems

For Virla Shaffer

For all frontline workers

For a healthy delivery of the Johnson baby

For families   - that they can spend lots of happy times together and make tons of memories

For the Schultz/Anderson family

For my niece

In honor of Braden – that school goes good for him and he learns to handle pressure

For Josie – so she feels less anxiety in her life

In loving memory of my mom and dad, Elizabeth and Jerome Kaminski

In memory of Bill and Mary Alise Dreker

For the Milan family and the loss of Neil

For unborn Gabrielson babies

For Paula Martinucci who has breast cancer

In memory of Paul & Alice Sinnette and  Gino & Gloria Martinucci

In memory of Gloria Gill

In memory of John Buttweiler

For the health of my brother-in-law who just received a kidney from his brother

For cancer patients and survivors

For Peg & Chuck Shaw, Kenny Hansen, Charlie Schoen and Jared Johnson

For our children and grandchildren and for St. Philip School Teachers

For family

For people to return to devout practices of faith

In memory of our deceased relatives

For salvation for all family members

In memory of Bill Huhner 

In memory of John & Florence Zachman

In memory of Robert & Dennis Polingo

In honor of a special married couple who are hoping to have children

In memory of Pete, John and Susan Terry

In memory of Jim Lies and Julie Langness

For good health for my whole family

For unborn babies

In memory of Mary Lou Koll

In memory of Adeline Snegosky

In honor of my husband and children

In honor of the Holland and Daeges families

In memory of Eugene and Mary Jane Fitterer

In memory of Joe & Esther Danielson and Henry & Margaret Crowe

In memory of Hunter Heysman and  Betty Hauth

In memory of Stephen Dunbar

In memory of Donald and Ethel Yost, RoseAnn Jesinoski, and Neil Konietzko

In memory of Mary Jean Weseman, Robert Konietzko and Judy Whitcomb

In memory of Fred & Helen Boerner, Steve Boerner, Vern & Hilma Worden and Donald Roy

In honor of Catholic Education

In memory of Clem Pieper

In memory of Bob Loew

In memory of the deceased McGraw and Fuller family members

In memory of Wilfred Knutson and Robert Becker

In memory of John & Evelyn Benfield and Evelyn & Magnus Sundelius

For good health for our family and all families

For Sunday school classes

In memory of Edwin Read

In memory of Helen Durken and all those that have gone before us

In memory of Edmund & Fern Meyer and Joe & Ruby Young

In memory of our parents

In memory of Nathan

In memory of Scott Weinzetle

In memory of Janet Hendrickson

For all people suffering from serious illness and dependencies

In memory of John & Eileen Whitcomb, Joseph Paul, Kara Johnson & Richard Schultz

For all my family members living and deceased

In memory of Geers and Revering families

For the end of Covid, the end of abortion, the end of persecution and for all the ill

I honor of Monsignor Garvey

For our military and for all people with cancer

In memory of Ed Skalsky and Chuck Toenjes

For all law enforcement injured or killed in the line of duty - and for their families

In honor of Carol Huhner and in memory of Bill Huhner

In memory of Wayne Baumgartner

In memory of Paul Olberding

In memory of John, Alvera and Tracy

In memory of Eleanor Klindt, Bob Revering, Mick Revering, Lindy Geers and Ben & MaryAnn Geers

For our grandchildren

In memory of Barb Baune

In memory of John Rewerts, Austin and Betty Vos and Fr. Tom Vos

For better leaders for our country

For the Gabrielson babies due in Nov. and Feb.

For first responders

Pray that we can be an example of peace and kindness in our troubled world

For Logan Joyer – help him study hard and have a wonderful year

For those that have lost everything

In loving memory of Bill Roers

For a safe fall harvest

For our customers and employees – may we have a safe and productive harvest

For our military serving our country

In loving memory of pam and Pete Riehle

For all people suffering from illness

For the people who need God in their lives more than ever

For those suffering from loss due to covid 

For St. Philip School to have a wonderful year

For those in the world dealing with covd

For David Soucek and Grandma Nancy Soucek and the Soucek family

For Great Uncle Joe

For all people to think about the needs of others

For Melvin Dahlke

For Ivan & Marge Soucek and Ryan Wendlandt

For soldiers serving our country

For the end of covid

For our family to stay strong and healthy

For Brad Diller, Gene Staunton and Smokey Vick

For peace in the world

In memory of Ralph & Marge Nelson

In memory of Mary Nagel, Thomas Nagel and Bill & Jeanette McGraw

For my family

For a safe and blessed school year

For the Cooper family

For Bob Tordsen

For the Lynn Thompson family

For the family of Dustin Fallin

For a safe harvest

For peace in our country

In memory of Diane Dollerschell

For Lori Ficker

For the safety and health of the DeBenedet family

For the safety and health of the Lenz family

For the safety and health of the Kaminski family

For Talia, Reid, Anissa and Bennett – may they have a good school year

For my children who are still mourning the passing of their father

For all our loved ones who aren’t with us anymore and for the ones who still are

In memory of Gerry Klein and Howie & Pam Christianson

For vocations

In honor of my parents

In memory of Allen Snegosky

Healing for my brother Donald who has cancer

For everyone in need

For Julie, for a cure for cancer, for the homeless, for the hungry, for love among all people, for the Hesse family, for our church, for our country and for God’s will

In memory of deceased members of the Fey and Struzyk families

In memory of James & Henrietta Anderson

In memory of all loved ones passed away

In memory of Harold & Anne Marie

In honor of Monsignor Garvey, who always supported the school

In memory of Jim & Dorothy Hansen

In memory of our deceased family – the Carlsons, Bauers, Annexstads and Biehns

In honor of farmers

In memory of Dylan Falling

In memory of Janet Feakes

In memory of Joe & Shirley Homer and  Barbara Lackens

In memory of Denise Otremba

In memory of members of the Knisley/Mackedanz family

In memory of Mary Colleen Hansen

In honor of our kids to return to church and our unborn grandchild

For my daughters with Leukemia and Muscular Dystrophy

For deceased members of the Speiser family

For peace on earth, freedom from covid, the unity of families, Uncle Jeff, peace in our country, and for Catholics to return to the sacraments

For grandma Pat to be able to come home to grandpa Jim

For the family of Greg Brandt

For everyone that is suffering from the loss of a loved one or struggling with personal or spiritual issues

For the Schmitt and Williams family members

For a successful sale of investments property

In memory of Rose Ann Williams

For health and happiness for all our young people

For all those fighting cancer

For Dave Williams & Lucille William’s family

For good health and thanksgiving for graces received each day

For all the workers at Meeker Memorial Hospital and Clinics

For our peace makers

For a safe harvest for all our farmers

In memory of Dave & Lucille Williams, Mary Lou Leuthner, Leroy Williams, Elizabeth, George and Judy Williams, Patricia Breggemann and Michael Mueller

For Jason & Cindy Goerger and the loss of baby Isaac

For our pets, for the unborn, for my brother Vern who is seriously ill

For the Pope and priests

In honor of the Al Rausch family and the Edward Miller family

For all those who have lost a loved one

In memory of Andy Quinn

In memory of Pete & Pam Riehle

For Katie’s rehabilitation and Andy’s upcoming surgery

In memory of Zella Thode

For all service members

For college students

In memory of Philip and Erma Marking

In memory of Arthmon and Deanna Zillmer

In honor of Dale Pursley – may he continue to improve in his health each day

In memory of all our family members and friends in heaven

In memory of Sandy Kubesh

In memory of my sister Janet Feakes

In honor of victims of human trafficking and law enforcement officers

In memory of Paul Olberding

In memory of Terry Gray and Ken Wotczak

In memory of Marie Kragenbring

In memory of Margaret Wendroth & Susan Bjork

In memory of Knute & Dorothy Erickson and Flora & Ed Dvorak

In honor of our Grandson Cooper Frie

In memory of Daryl Swart and Angela Swart

I honor of Diana McCarney

In memory of Jerry Gruenes

In memory of Jerry Ruprecht

In memory of Michael Arndt

For those who suffer from fear and anxiety

In memory of Rosemarie Shequen

In honor of all students and teachers, past & present, at the School of St. Philip – may God bless them

In memory of Nila Haefner

In honor of those struggling to make their way in the world

In honor of those who feel lost or frustrated

In memory of Donald Putney

In memory of Steve Thompson – pray for Jude and Melissa

In honor of Sue Smith

In memory of Patricia, Ronald & James Marthaler

For couples that suffer with infertility

For Adrian Nohner

In honor of my aunts – Kathleen, Phyllis, Joyce & Hildur – may God watch over them

In honor of Jack Wendlandt

In memory of William Hammer

In memory of roy Habeck, Charles & Bonnie Schneider, Margaret & Mary Kay Sunderman, and Joyce and Jerry Stenstrom

In memory of George and Helen Durken

In memory of Ray & Kate Hughes

In honor of Dave Binsfeld

In memory of Jack Binsfel, Bill Stanger and Cal Anderson

In memory of Jerome Eischens

In memory of Tom & Karen Kreger

In memory of Josephine Guggemos, Daniel & Elizabeth Weber, Joseph & Anna Weber and Josephine & John Lynch

In memory of my daughter Jennifer

In memory of Barry Bentzen

In memory of Helen & Richard Schmit

In honor of Philip Johnson and Sylvia Johnson, In memory of Melvin Johnson

For our world – so that children will have a nice, safe place to grow up

For Irv & Dorothy Wagoner and Jack Stang

For Grandpa Jim and Grandma Pat

For God’s mercy and an increase of faith and repentance for sins

For great-grandma Shirley

For family

For all parish priests and for the unborn children

For the conversion of this country

In memory of all the Kubis/Seeland family members

For our loved ones that have gone before us

In memory of Kenton Johnson and Kelly Buechler

In memory of Eleanor Klindt, Bob Revering, Mick Revering, Ben & MaryAnn Geers and Liddy Geers

In honor of Joan Rausch

For Chuck & Peg Shaw

In memory of Mary Nagel

For dairy farmers and truck drivers

For Perry Dragt

For John McCann

For the Kotzer family

For St. Philips students

For Rachel’s successful knee surgery

In memory of deceased members of the Lux & Lehrer families

In memory of Marcus Huhn

In honor of those battling mental illness

In memory of Richard & Helen Schmit

In memory of Victor Buesgens and Diane Bengtson

In honor of Amelia Roering

For Lori Ficker – may she get the help & cure she needs for her muscle weakness & migraines

In honor of the families of bequest donors

In memory of Jude’s father – Steven Thompson

In memory of Delores Speiser, Harriet Mylan, Vern Speiser and Tyler Fey

For America

In honor of Tracy Bush and in memory of Diane Dollerschell

In memory of Laura Mae Schloeder

In honor of all who have passed away

In honor of Patricia, David and Katie

In memory of Richard Smith

In memory of my family

For our country

In honor of all health workers and educators

In memory of Adrian Nohner

In memory of Michelle Ferm

In memory of all loved ones

In memory of Rich, Dana and Luke

In memory of the deceased members of the Ham and Quinn families

In honor of my brother – David Geislinger who has stage 4 colon cancer

In memory of James & Dorothy Hansen

In honor of our grandsons – Aiden & Lane Schneider

In memory of Eugene Mertesdorf

For families who have lost children

In memory of Sarah, Cara, Marcus and Dylan

For people suffering from cancer and covid

In memory of Bruce Christie

In honor of John and Joan Wimmer and Gloria Seefeldt

In honor of all catholic families of our community

For Lyla who has cancer and Jeff so he can heal

In memory of Hansen / McIntee families, relatives and friends

For all those facing health issues

For peace and justice for all – everyone matters in spite of color & economic opportunities

For continued health and safety for family and friends

In honor of Rachel Halbur   and in memory of Cara Halbur

For Evelyn Bahr – who lost her husband from covid

For world peace

For good health and results for Elaine Riehle

In honor of Katie – may her body maintain a healthy pregnancy

In honor of the Cervin family

For those suffering from anxiety and fear in the world today

For Christy Tucker, Cheryl, Ethel

For Cassius and his classmates who will be receiving Jesus for the 1st time next spring

For grandpa and grandma Hesse’s brother and sisters

For our sons and daughters-in-law and our grandchildren

For peace in the hearts of all people

For St. Philip School

In memory of Caroline

In memory of Elaine Peifer and Marie Herzog

In memory of Terrie Pollock Hudak and Milton Housman

For all the people and families affected by covid around the world and for the scientific achievements required to fight it

In memory of Elaine Yungk

For all those who have graduated from St. Philips

For a relief from pain for Cheryl

For peace for the Schaefer family

For a safe and education school year for all of the teachers at LeSueur Henderson Schools

For Austin Fournier

For families of those who have died

For Larry & Pat Hanson, Roger and Oon Hanson, Mike, Anne & Stella Tadych

For special intention for our family

For family and friends who have lost loved ones

For deceased loved ones

For Monsignor Garver

In memory of all the people and souls who died as a result of 9/11 – pray that it will never happen again

In memory of the deceased Provencher family members

In memory of Steven Thompson, Shirley Timms and Lilly

For the health of Lyle Stormo

In memory of Richard and Helen Schmit

For Randy’s shoulder to heal completely

For farmers, cancer and covid patients, Grandma Doris and students

In memory of Leo and Jeanne Granlund

For our president and leaders – so they will lead our country in a wise and God-honoring way

For the Campbell and McCarney families

For people with covid

For everyone to have a safe and healthy school year

For Lucille to have a great first year of preschool

For my sister Jenna to remain cancer free

In memory of Elena Abatecola and Ann & Jay Hammond

In memory of Ron & Ann Kern

For our veterans

For all who suffer from injustice

In memory of Ralph & Lorraine Beck and Albert & Myra Lenzen

In honor of all healthcare workers

In memory of Raphael Trisko

For Jeff Ruhland, Nathan Ruhland and for all people who are sick, for family

In memory of Gen Rick

In memory of Bernie Aaker

In memory of Michael Arndt

For world peace

For the good health and safety of my family

For Kathleen Wuertz

In honor of Sullivan Swenson

In memory of Dylan Falling

In honor of Baby Johnson

For Trevor Berger and family

In memory of Ione Polley & Mitt Polley, Bud Dowdell, Eldon Janke & Audrey Janke

For all people with Alzheimers

For Uncle Roger and his health problems, For Ben Andrea’s baby due in Feb.  For covid to be cured, and for people to live together peacefully

For peace and good health for the world

In honor of all Knights of Columbus members and families present and past

For those in the community who are struggling emotionally & physically during the pandemic

In honor of Maci & Maverick Johnson, Hadley, Hesston and Henning Huhn and for strength and courage for Jared Johnson

For our sons and extended family

For Gary G., Gary P., Larry and Denny

For local farmers

In honor of children who grow faithful in God

In memory of loved ones passed

In memory of Herbert & Betty Paulsen and  Louie & Isabela Huber

For a healthy new baby sister

In honor of the Mihlbauer family

For all the students and staff at the School of St. Philip

In memory of Linda Hergott, Sydney Jo Kenning and Ramona Kenning

In honor of our son who also attended Catholic school and his family

For Fr. Tony Hesse’s AFC, the Hesse family and our nation

In memory of Donald Kotila Sr.  and Stan Tacheny

In memory of my dad

For all heroes in and out of uniform

In honor of the Cervin family

In honor of Jaeda who is fighting cancer

I memory of Mike Kotzer

In memory of Joyce Larson, Jim Lies, George and Helen Durken, Genevieve Hemmisch, Adeline & Harold Bauer and Orville & Cecilia Dahlk

For all of our deceased family and friends and for all the poor souls in purgatory

For all of our family and friends, all world leaders, church leaders and parishioners

For worldly conversion to love and follow God’s commandments

In honor of the Sisters of St. Francis

In memory of Ervin Jensrud, Eireen, Gary and Craig

For new beginnings, including Litchfield’s own largest cheese belt in the world at First District

For the children of St. Philips school and their teachers

In memory of Shepersky and McCarney families

In memory of Dick Lindmark

For all teachers

In memory of James Ridl

In memory of Dennis Westendorp

For Bernice Heuer – may she rest in peace

For Diane’s mom Pat Ehr