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Our Marathon Intentions

As Christians we are called to share in the ministry of Christ’s intercession for the whole world. At the School of St. Philip, we are honored to join together and pray for our generous marathon donors and on their behalf. May God grant each of these prayers, provide strength, healing and salvation, and make His presence known to all.

For the Williams family and in memory of Judy Williams

In memory of Wayne Baumgartner

In memory of Pete & Pam Riehle

For Jim & Elaine Riehle

In memory of Richard Smith

In honor of Jack Binsfeld

For our State to become ProLife, 

For our families

In memory of Dick Lindquist

In memory of Marcus Huhn

For a fun and safe harvest

For family health and peace in the world

In memory of Kayla’s relatives

In honor of Katie Peitsma

For Brenda Ehr-Jackson, William Jackson, Patricia Ehr, and Steve Ehr

In memory of Carl & Wayne Baumgartner

In memory of Buschette and Barthel deceased family members

In honor of veterans

For health, wellness and peace in my family

In memory of Cletus and MaryAnn, Butch and Kelly

In honor of Erin and Alex – who are fighting cancer

For Daisy – may she have a good life

For the members of Our Lady CCW and for the students of St. Philip

In memory of Pete and Dorothy Peters and Larry Lokensgard

For local dairy farmers

For the health of Vollie Grover

In memory of Bernie Schmitz

For Tyler and Spencer to have a great school year

For our family – aunts, uncles, cousins & grandparents

For the deceased and unborn loved ones

For world peace

For the School of St. Philip

In memory of Purnima Shah

For the environment, sustainable land use, reducing greenhouse gases, preventing deforestation

In honor of Aimee and Andy and the upcoming birth of their baby – for a healthy delivery

In memory of Clarence and Fran Pollock and Mike Pollock

For continued recovery for Katie Riehle

In honor of our families

For a safe and healthy year ahead

For Wally Ellefson

For relief for the Ukraine

In honor of grandparents everywhere

In memory of Bud Davis and Nancy Hommerding

In memory of Melvin & Correen Erickson

In memory of Pauline Buckland

In memory of our loved ones

In memory of Fred & Helen Boerner, Steve Boerner and Vern & Hilma Worden

In honor of Don & Donna Bach

In memory of Don Putney and all Manning & Putney family members

In memory of Mike Kotzer

In memory of Cara Halbur and Margaret & Lawrence Ohland

In memory of Bill Huhner Sr.

In honor of past and future alumni of the School of St. Philip

In honor of Philip Johnson and Cole Johnson

In memory of Fran & Bernice Fuller and John & Alvera McGraw

For all of the Adam’s loved ones

In memory of Ken Kardell, Doug Lloyd, Kelsey Gray and Fred & LaMarna

In memory of Paul Olberding

In memory of Duane Weisensel and Cletus & MaryAnn Spieker

In honor of all children

In memory of Eleanor Klindt, Bob Revering and Mike Revering

In memory of Earl & Alice Lorber and Marvin & Bea Shequen

In memory of Diane Dollerschell

In memory of Hank Springer

For unborn babies

In memory of Melvin Johnson

In memory of Steven Thompson

In honor of Vietnam vets

In memory of Jennifer Lindquist and Dick Lindquist

For Talia, Reid, Anissa and Bennet to have a great school year

In honor of Sharon Kotzer, Rosemary Eischens, Donna Mathias & Dave, Shelly & Brenna Eischens

In memory of Jerome Eischens

For strength and healing for Mark Gabrielson

For Willa & Doriey Wallace

For a safe fall harvest

For our law enforcement and military members

In memory of Kelly Buechler and all those who battle cancer

In memory of Sandy Tibbits

For our customers and employees – may we have a safe & productive harvest

For continuing education at the School of St. Philip

For Boerner Well families

For Rich Hansen, Ethel Donnay and Steph Becker who all have cancer

In memory of James and Henrietta Anderson

For the staff at Litchfield Chrysler Center

In memory of Bill Roers

For all our grandchildren to have a great school year

For peace in our families and our hearts

For good health for David and Charles

For the health and safety of the DeBenedet, Kaminski and Lenz families

For Jordan & Carson’s wedding and a beautiful married life

In memory of Dick & Mary Nagel

In memory of my sister Janet

For special intentions for my family

For those involved in the war in the Ukraine

For a safe harvest

For truck drivers

For an end to abortion

For deceased family members

For our whole family

For hope, healing and understanding

In memory of John, Bob and Tom

In memory of Joan & Ken Ziegler

In memory of all law enforcement killed in the line of duty

In honor of Margaret Rewerts

In memory of Michelle Lasley and Cletus & MaryAnn Spieker

In memory of Carl and Shirley Timms

In memory of Ed Konietzko

For Dan, Joe and Jack

In honor of Grandpa Stan Tacheny and Grandma Sally DeFries

In honor of Katie Riehle

For the safety and health of our loved ones

For those suffering with cancer

For continued good health

In memory of Lance Satterlee and Eirene Fischer

In memory of Ray & Donna Kern

In honor of the teachers of the School of St. Philip who taught our children to be the best versions of themselves

For Justin’s work

For the Sanoski family

For Maddi, Jenna & Jordan

For Leannas healing

For London

For family

For Grandpa Greening and Kevin

For the Adams family

For the management team at IPS

For the Knaus family

For the Diesel Dynamics family

For Lucille & Margaret Flemming

For our grandchildren

For a healthy pregnancy

For Lee Peterson

In memory of Rick Fischer

In memory of Denise Atremba

In memory of my sister Donna

In honor of the Sisters of St. Francis

For Bill Peltier – for improved health and better sleep

For my wife Mary Jo who is in a memory care facility near St. Cloud

In memory of Richard Schmit

For a safe surgery for grandma

In memory of Jacquie and Dennis

In honor of Pope Francis

For all those suffering – my they find peace

For world peace and understanding

In memory of Vickie Quinn

In memory of Gary Neilson and John Olson

For good health for the Huberty family and George Ruhland family

For hungry children

For Josephine Hesse

For our country and for the Catholic Church

For the Hesse family

For an end to abortion

For the surrender to God’s will

In Thanksgiving

In memory of Henry Springer

In honor of Mabel Johnson

In memory of Agatha Kunstleben

In honor of all couples having trouble having children

In memory of Henry, Anastasia, Joe, Helen, Dennis, Lorraine & Delores

In memory of Eugene & Mary Jane Fitterer

In memory of Jennifer and Dick Lindquist

For a safe harvest, all the sick, thanksgiving for our family and many blessings

In memory of Marcella Lee

In memory of Fred & Helen Boerner, Vern & Hilma Worden, Diane Worden and Donald Ray

In memory of Robert Polingo

In memory of Cecil Frensko

In memory of Mary Lou Koll

In memory of Albert & Myra Lenzen and Ralph & Lorraine Beck

In memory of our baby and daughter-in-law in heaven

For parishioners to come the “Discovering Christ” sessions and that their hearts receive the truth of your love

In memory of William Hammer

In memory of Adrian Nohner & Olivia Reynolds

In memory of Mary Colleen Hanson

For all St. Philips students

In memory of my dad who was a great supporter of Catholic Education

In honor of all veterans, especially my father & grandfather

In honor of Jim Crowe

In memory of Raphael Trisko

For our local small businesses

In memory of Dana VonWahlde

In memory of all my family and friends that have passed away

For health and healing for Jim, Pat, Steve, Debbie and Lois

In memory of Bob Loew

In honor of my family

In memory of Wilfred Knutson

In memory of John & Evelyn Benfield and Evelyn & Magnus Sundelius

For the elderly

For all Catholics to live out their faith with trust in Jesus

For unity of families

For the Hesse family – sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren

For the Hesse/Huberty siblings and their families

For those struggling with cancer

For Carol Huberty who needs knee surgery

For our new Bishop, Chad Zielinski

For our priests

For more religious vocations

For Cash Hesse and the 3rd graders at the School of St. Philip

For an end to abortion

For Mrs. Voss

For Sammy Kruse’s first year of college

For refugees everywhere

In memory of Tom Nagel, Janice Nowak and Bill & Jeanette McGraw

In memory of Peter Bradley Ackerman

In memory of Daryl Swart and Angela Swart

In memory of Barry Bentzen and Delores Kruger

For Helen’s conversion to God and the Catholic church

In memory of Laura Mae Schloeder

In memory of Carl & Shirley Timms

In memory of George & Helen Durken

In honor of law enforcement officers

In honor of Cooper Frie

In memory of William Huhner

In memory of Great Grandma & Grandpa Lawrence

For our grandchildren – that they stay healthy and strong

For a good school year for Otto and Tara

In memory of Michelle Ferm, John Konietzko and Greg Konietzko

For the health of my soon to be born granddaughter

For Delores Kruger and Rick Kruger

For continued growth for our Eden Valley community

In memory of Henry Springer

For the Second Amendment and Essential Flower businesses

For all cancer patients

For Bishop Chad Zielenski

In memory of James & Dorothy Hansen

In honor of teachers

In honor of the students at the School of St. Philip

In memory of Stephen Dunbar

In memory of Richard Smith

In memory of Donald & Irene Quinn

In honor of Stella and Eddie

In memory of George & Eileen Mihlbauer

In memory of Les Herzog

In memory of Esther & George Hallaway and Gertrude & Lenard Johnson

In honor of my family members

In memory of Revering and Geers families

For strength and healing for Todd Wheeler

In memory of Elaine Yungk

In memory of Joe & Ruby Young and Ed & Fern Meyer

For Joseph, Marcus and Nick

In memory of C.J. Lehrer

In memory of Cyril Wolter and Ray Knettel

For local farmers

For construction workers

For hospital staff

For a happy and holy school year for all children

In honor of Phyllis Fisher and Kari Kleve

In memory of Hunter Heyrman and Betsy Hauth

In memory of Stan Tacheny, Donald Kotila Sr. and Alvina Kotila

In memory of Frank and Marie

In memory of Karen and Tom Kruger

In memory of all our family members

For Tyler and Spencer to have a good school year

For more love and peace in the world

For Matthew and Beth’s house

For Julie and Tamara who both need back surgery

In memory of Dylan Falling

In memory of Gene, Bob and Delores Kreck

In memory of Delores Speiser

In memory of Howard Turck

In memory of Carl & Shirley Timms

For Dave & Lana’s son – may he have a good year at college, stays safe and makes good decisions

For the descendants of Clarence & Marie Baune

In memory of Jim Lies and Julie Langness

In honor of John Martinucci

For answers to all the violence and the people who are hurt by it

For all those with nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat

For a safe harvest

In honor of Mark Gabrielson

In memory of Paul Olberding and Gayle Ellson

In loving memory of my mom and dad – Elizabeth and Jerome Kaminski

For all children who have cancer

In honor of my brother Donald’s health

For the safety of our local fire fighters, EMT’s and police

For healing for Dan Fladmark

For the Huhn family

For Philip Mettler

In memory of Melvin Johnson and in honor of the Johnson family

For children all over the world so they can have hope too

In memory of Dick & Pat Lindmark and Jerome & Margaret McCarney

For our country

For the homeless

In memory of Al & Agnes Raush

For the health of all my family, for all expecting mothers and for all farmers and engineers

For Cheryl & Craig Bulau

In honor of Peg Shaw

In honor of Dick Lindmark and Tom Audette

In memory of Ben, MaryAnn & Liddy Geers

For all children to learn more about God every day and continue to walk with Christ

For peace, the military and the police

For Eric to heal from surgery

For Ethel, Harold, Pete, Dallas, Audry and Todd

In memory of Brian Boser – may his family find peace

In memory of Lance Klockers

In honor of the Springer family

In memory of Helen & Richard Schmit

In memory of our deceased parents and family members

In memory of Victor Buesgens and Diane Bengtson

In memory of Paul Gabrielson

For the victims and survivors of Hurricane Ian

In memory of Andy Quinn the 3rd

Healing prayers for Lisa

Healing prayers for Linda Granlund

For Gary Retzlaff – may he win his battle with cancer

For all the bikers

For a great school year

For safe travels for truck drivers

Prayers for Olivia to continue to like school and stays healthy

In memory of the deceased members of the Knights of Columbus

For Roger who has many health issues

For Erin as she fights cancer

For Roger and Cindy and their loss of a shed full of farm equipment to fire

For special intentions for my family

For a safe fall harvest

For the health and safety of our grandchildren and children

For people battling multiple sclerosis and cancer

In memory of Father Garvey and Dale Kalkbrenner

In honor of Aiden and Lane Schneider

In memory of Don, Naomi, Kyle and John Rotert

Prayers for Alex to do better in school

In honor of Marie Young and Calen Young

For world peace, a change of heart for Putin, for the people of the Ukraine, thanksgiving for faith, family and friends

In memory of Judy Williams

For the health of body, mind and soul of all family members

For Jim, Steve and Bob Ehr

Thanksgiving for the healing of my husband’s cancer

In memory of Rose Williams

For our young people, world peace and the Michelle & Norb Kramer family

For our grandparents

In honor of the wonderful teachers at the School of St. Philip

Healing prayers for Ellen

In memory of Bob Rezek

For our country and peace

In memory of Bill Stanger, Jack Binsfeld and Arlene Andersen

For our local farmers

In memory of our loved ones

For our veterans

For those with dementia

For strength, patience and grace for Summer Franco as she recovers

For Shelby and Mel - as they struggle with the loss of their baby

For the Gunderson family

For those struggling to find happiness in their heart

For friend and family

For Faith Formation families

For Assumption and St. Anthony’s parishes

For farmers and a safe harvest

For families dealing with loss – especially children and young adults

For Peg and Chuck Shaw

For Joyce Jansky

For baby McCarney that he or she is healthy and has a safe delivery

For the Kohl family

For Eugene Mertesdorf

For Richard Lindmark and Tom Audette

For our family and relatives

For the McCarney and Campbell families

For God to guide us all, increase our faith and love all his children around the world

For Lucille Pautzke

In memory of Lina Jones and Barb Rivett

For healing for Dean Soffe

In memory of Erin who is undergoing chemo for cancer

In memory of my dear sister, Donna

For a safe school year

For a successful marathon

For truck drivers and farmers

For Erin Kleinschmidt who is fighting breat cancer

For Deb Dowdell’s knee replacement recovery

For Nathan Stenger

For Neva Shepersky – may she continue to be cancer free

In memory of Marlene, Joe, & Lee Riehle

For patients and families with traumatic accidents, to get the care and help that is needed

For all who are experiencing infertility, loss and premature babies

For all who are missing a loved one

For the people who are dealing with hurricane Ian

For healing of Mary Kramer’s cancer

In memory of Hank Springer, Gloria Gill, Lance Klocker and David Turch

For healing for Florian Gill

In honor of Jim and Joan Johnson

For good health

For peace and knowledge

In honor of my mom who is almost a 20-year breast cancer survivor

For all families fighting cancer in some way

For construction workers

In honor of Gene and June Blanski

In honor of St. Joseph Calasanz

In memory of deceased Fuller and McGraw family members

In memory of Clarence & Edsa Hirman and John & Ruby Dragt

In memory of Jim & Dorothy Hansen

In memory of Richard Pursley, Dana Von Wahlde and Luke Mulunberg

In memory of all loved ones

In honor of our friends fighting cancer and family that is getting married this month

For those struggling Alzheimers

For Catholic Education

In memory of Bruce Christie and Louis Schutz

In memory of Mackedanz and Knisley families

For the family members of Jim & Pat Ehr

In memory of Gregg Schreiner

For the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and all religious.  For more vocations and for our families to stay strong in their faith.

For the unborn and their parents/families

In honor of the people in Florida

In memory of Genevieve Rick

For those with mental illness

In memory of Richard Pursley

In memory of Nila Huefner

In honor of all military – both active and retired

For Dave & Lucille Williams, Bud, Betty, Sr. Judy, George, Pat, Mary Lou, Pat & Tom Breeggen and Judy Williams

For warmth and love that continues to radiate from each of us in our daily lives

In memory of Leroy Kramer

In memory of Janet Hendrickson
In memory of Marvin & Beulah Shequen and Earl & Alice Lorber
In honor of Marilyn who has memory issues and in memory of Ralph Schmidt

In memory of Howard & Esther Johnson

In memory of Don Porter and Lori Cervin

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