Our Marathon Intentions

As Christians we are called to share in the ministry of Christ’s intercession for the whole world. At the School of St. Philip, we are honored to join together and pray for our generous marathon donors and on their behalf. May God grant each of these prayers, provide strength, healing and salvation, and make His presence known to all.

For comfort and peace for Allen Zaloudek as he battles cancer

In memory of Mabel & Leslie Pearson  and  Gehard & Florence Stoekland

In memory of the Elton family

For the farmers who suffered storm and hail damage this season

For Aili Friedrichs and her great grandparents

For healing and strength for Ron Kern

In memory of Loren & Yvonne Pihl  and  Max & Lois Eberspachen

In memory of Bill Schiefelbein  and  Casey Schiefelbein

In memory of al & Agnes Ransch  and  Edward & Viola Miller

In memory of Elroy Skaalerud and Mark Rew

In honor of Health Care Workers

In memory of the members of the Don Konietzko family

In honor of farm families and a safe harvest

In honor of the families attending the School of St. Philip

In honor of all of our grandchildren and all students returning to school – may they be safe and healthy

May Kim Coudron Schwechi have a safe and healthy  birth of her baby

For Eugene and Sharon to have a full recovery from cancer

In memory of Michelle Lasley, Norma Groenewold and Cletus and Mary Ann Spieker

In memory of Kelly Nankivil, Butch Voss and Bobbie Snow

In memory of Dick Marshall and Dianne Spieker

For the Woodke Family

For priests and seminarians

For homeless people

For my grandparents

For the Williams family

In honor of all sick people, those serving our country and all teachers

To end all the violence in our country

In memory of Al & Adeline Snegosky

In memory of Joyce Waszak and Raietta & Walford Frable

In honor of Vietnam Veterans

In memory of Fred & Helen Boerner  and  Vern & Hilma Worden

For Riley, Connor and Ella Taber (St. Philip alumni) for their continued health

For all of our grandparents, relatives and friends

For our country and it’s leaders

For the unborn, our veterans, those away from God and the poor souls in purgatory

For Uncle Marc to stay safe at work, for our cousins to have a good and healthy year and for Aunt Shannon to be healthy

For Joseph and family

For all refugees and those needing food and shelter

In memory of Gerry Glasser

For healing for my ankle after surgery

For covid to be over

In memory of Mary Nagel

In memory of Thomas Nage

For my mom – may she beat cancer

For my husband – may he be cured of cancer

For our parents

In memory of John & Anna Wordelman,  Milt & Ione Polley, Jeanne & Erwin Wellbrock, Robert & Jackie Polley, Paul Carlson and Roy Carlson

For all faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ

In honor of our daughter Jenna who had a healthy baby, Eloise

For Art, Irene and Tyler Fey

For Dorothy & Irv Wagner

In honor of Lois Carita Nalezny

In memory of Pete & Pam Riehle

In memory of a beloved husband and father – Andy Quinn the 3rd

In memory of Caleb

In honor of Curt, Pat & Larry – who are all battling cancer

In memory of Samantha Ahlgren

In honor of all St. Philips Staff

For good health for family members

In honor of our first great grandson – Ronan

In memory of Frank Blanchard

In memory of my daughter Jennifer

In memory of William Alan Hammer

In honor of the Jim & Elaine Riehle family

In memory of Pete & Pam Riehle

In memory of all unborn babies

For Dick Casey

In memory of Leo Schmitz

For our daughter Judy

In honor of Gary Neilson

In honor of all students and teachers all over the country

In memory of Mary Nagel

In memory of Crystal Ebnet

In memory of Karen Anderson and Jack Binsfeld

In memory of Melvin Johnson, Ben Braegelmann and Frances Braegelmann

In memory of Ken Kardell – please pray for his family and friends

In memory of Eleanor Klindt, Bob Revering and Mick Revering

In honor of our grandchildren

In memory of Bill Roers

In memory of Paul Olberding, Bob & Sue Rezek, Roger Jacobs, Carl & Carol Carew, Floyd Carlson and Gary Gabrielson

In memory of my parents and brother

For a peaceful resolve to our differences

In memory of Ray Knettel  and  Cy Wolter

In honor of all teachers and students

In memory of the Peters family

In memory of Al & Agnes Rausch  and  Edward & Viola Miller

In memory of Dylan Falling

In memory of Daryl & Angela Swart

In memory of Mary Lou Koll

In memory of the Fuller and McGraw family members

In honor of our grandchildren

For my great grandson Grayson

In memory of Frank & Marie McCann

In memory of Bob & Genevieve Krick  and Delores Krick

In memory of William Huhner

For the end of the covid virus

In memory of the Lhotka and Sopkowiak families

In memory of Marvin Hayes, Tom Tomac, Ron Tomac and Jerry Tomac

In honor of the Mendiola kids

In memory of the Springer and Dreiter families

In honor of teachers

For Clarence Speiser and Vern Speiser

For Sophie Vranian & Yadin Dickstein and their new baby

For Irvin & Dorothy Wagner, the Brewer family and the Wagner family

For us to come together as a nation, to love one another – especially those who are mistreated

For all people dealing with uncertainty

For all school staff as they begin a difficult school year

For our military soldiers, our elderly, the homeless, and our country

For firefighters, police and Derecho victims

For a cure for Covid-19

For Talia, Reid, Anissa and Bennett have a good school year

For my brother and sister, Mike & Pat – may they and their families be stay healthy

In loving memory of my mom and dad – Elizabeth & Jerome Kaminski

In memory of Dylan Falling, Margaret Sunderman, Marcus Huhn and Chuck Schneider

In honor of Law Enforcement and First Responders, Fire and Rescue  and all branches of the U.S.  Military

In honor of Ed Meyer and Scott Weinzetl who are struggling with cancer

In honor of Barry Smith who has brain cancer

In honor of Andrea Johnson, Philip Johnson and Cole Johnson

In memory of Duane Weisenjel  and  Cletus & MaryAnn Spieker

For Marcus’s new home

In honor of my mom – who continues to fight cancer with a smile

In memory of MaryAnn Nething

In memory of great grandma Sandra Bengtson

In memory of Robert Ertl

In memory of Wayne Johnson

For the health of Jim Buhr

In memory of Gary Jerzak

For Steve Graphenteen and Rosie Graphenteen

For the Roers family

For our country

For Todd Dudra, Leroy & Elaine Nevin, George & Mary Jo and Cash’s family

For a covid cure and U.S. peace

In memory of Carl Baumgartner

In memory of William Huhner Sr. and Gretchen Werra

For a good president, protection from Covid-19, bless all children at St. Philip school and for greater care of our earth

For the Kampa & Ross families

For the well being of our families

For all our loved ones who have passed, and good health and happiness to all our family and friends and for healing and unity in this great country

In memory of Jack Thill, Marcus Huhn and Dylan Falling.  May they rest in peace

For my family, our country, President Trump and followers, Jim & Pat Ehr, Mary Jean Ehr, Rich and Mary Vogel and Andrea & Bob Ociepka

Pray for all human beings whether they have black, red, brown or white skin colors to live in peace

In memory of Mary Lou Koll and George Schultz

In memory of Todd Matheson, Tom Kleis, John Kleis, Rita Kleis, Matt Kleis and Tom Stueber

In memory of Hunter Heyrman

In honor of my sister with Ahlzheimers

In  memory of Sal & Esther Danielson  and  Henry & Margaret Crowe

In memory of George Durken

In memory of Janet Hendrickson

For my mom and dad who made sure we all got a Catholic Education

For my mom who is an awesome role model

For all those who we have lost

In honor of my family

For Olivia

For our Catholic Church, for our country and our family

In memory of Dale Kalkbrenner

For human trafficking victims and polio victims

For all living & deceased members of the St. Anthony Council of Catholic Women

In memory of Bill Roers

In memory of Dick Smith

For the economy to be stable and for the safety of employees

For Jack Binsfeld

For Valerie Huepenbacker who is fighting cancer

For all the men and women who have in the past and still do today, scarifice their lives for our freedoms and protection

For peace and justice for all humans  and for a cure for covid

In honor of Tony Lorber – a very caring and faithful man

In honor of Don & Joanne Shequen’s 60th anniversary

In memory of all poor souls of family and friends

For our world – may it be safe and healthy again

For an end to the California fires and east coast hurricanes

In memory of Stephen Dunbar

In honor of grandparents

For the lonely people in the nursing home

For deceased members of the Fey and Struzyk families

For Jeanne Grates  and for people with heart disease

For Berniece Heuer – who is along in assisted living

For Cecilia Parker – born in July

In memory of Mike Heuer

For Debbie Ehr

For all living and deceased members of the Garth Culbertson and Merlin Johnson families

For all firefighters and emergency personnel

 For Patricia, Debbie, Irvin, Marie, Ron, Francis, Brenda, William and Fr. Donald Ehr

For Leona, Norbert, George, Tom, Carol and Edward Schares and Carol Brandt

For Grandma Pat and Grandpa Jim, for Aunt Debbie and for all of us to be safe

For Lois Culbertson and Dick Dupont

In memory of Gloria Gill

For police officers

In memory of Wayne Hillesheim

In honor of students

In honor of Gary Nielson and Karen Hoheisel  In memory of Ken & Joan Ziegler

In memory of Fred Fortney

In honor of all teachers

For continued good health for our family and friends

In memory of Paul Olberding

For an honest & peaceful national election

In memory of Paul Baumgartner

In memory of Buzz and Harriette Nelson

In honor of Leon Haala, Duane & Char Benoit

In memory of Mary Anne Baker and Jeffrey Baker

In memory of Tom Kreger and Richard Pursley

In memory of Al & Adeline Snegosky

In memory of Harold & Anne Marie Malinski

In memory of Knute and Dorothy Erickson  and  Ed & Flora Dvorak

In memory of Clarence & Fran Pollock

In memory of Millie & Dennis Garvey

For the safety of all those involved in agriculture during the harvest season

In memory of Dylan Falling  - in honor of his family and friends

In memory of great grandpa and grandma Lawrence, great uncle Tom and dear family friend Ken Kardell

In memory of Judy Whitcomb, Don Yost, Roseanne Jesnoski and Neil Konietzko, and in honor of Suzanne Konietzko

In memory of Henrietta and James Anderson

In memory of Joe & Shirley  Homer  and Barbara Lackens

In honor of my husband Todd for healing

In memory of Harvey Lendt

In memory of Richard Smith

In honor of the School of St. Philip

In memory of Pau Olberding

In memory of Wilfred Knutson

In memory of Robert Polingo and Dennis Polingo

In memory of Howard & Esther Johnson  -  for more parishioners

In memory of John, Bob and Tom Sommerfeld

For Lisa who is battling breast cancer – we are praying for a miracle in the new clinical trial

For Nathan Ruhland, Special intention, Fr. Aaron and vocations

For Adoration/ prayer line, family, our country and the family of Rose Ruprecht

For Henberto Pacheco-Chrapa – who passed away from covid

For the continued health of Chuck who is recovering from covid

For the residents of care facilities who are unable  to see and be hugged by their famiy

In memory of Eileen & John Whitcom, Joseph Daul and Kara Johnson

In honor of teachers & students  – keep them safe this school year

In memory of John & Evelyn Benfield and Magnus & Evelyn Sundeluis

In memory of Michelle Ferm

For a good school year

For a good recovery for Ron Kern

For good health for Pat & Jim Ehr, Ethan Mead, Julie Stone, Lisa Deedrick, Jim Fusier, Steve & Debbie Ehr and family and friends of the Ehr and Culbertson families

For Paige & Cody and their baby due in October, for Grandma & Grandpa Ehr and for Uncle Jared and all fire fighters as they fight the wild fires

For world peace, understanding, grace and harmony as the election of 2020 approaches

For an end to violence and for all firefighters and law enforcement personnel

In memory of Baby Jesse

For my uncle Jason

For the American soldiers

For any new cheese makers and the people who work with them

In memory of Raphael Trisko and Beth Flick

In memory of James Bidl

In honor of Sisters of St. Francis

In memory of Andrew, Mary, Howard, James, Deloris, Bernard & Rozanne Provencher

In memory of Cal Erickson – music teacher

In memory of Pam Riehle

For Nick and family

In memory of Cecil

In memory of Don, Naomi and Kyle Rotert  and  Voney Berg

For Alex to do in better in school

For our country and an end to the covid virus

For world peace and an end to riots and hatefulness

In memory of Maria Del Refugion Ramos

In memory of Barb Baune and Maire Baune

For the Huberty family and for world peace

For good health, intentions held for family, peace and forgiveness between sisters, priests and seminarians  and  extended family of Rich & Mary Ann Hesse

For a healthy pregnancy and delivery for Christy’s baby

For the Church, our country, the President, the Hesse family and friends of Steve & Allsion

For the School of St. Anne’s, Wabasso/Redwood AFC, the Hesse family, the new Bishop and healing for the pandemic

For the prayers for all,  prayers for family, for a happy school year, For Eric Gabrielson

In memory of Fran & Clarence Pollock

In memory of Millie and Dennis Garvey

For Grandpa George  and the students in our community

For families impacted by covid, for those who suffer the loss of a child, for those who are missing their parents,  for school administration, teachers and staff

For strength, courage and protection for our police force and first repsonders

For the health of Eric Gabrielson

For St. Philip students and staff

For all students to remain healthy and in school

For a unified country

In memory of Bill Roers

For Darwin area volunteers

In memory of Red Jones and for wellness and health

For truck drivers and farmers

For Paula Schlangen who is dying from cancer

For K-12 and college students and teachers

For Peace and unity in our country

For Grandma Nancy Soucek

For unborn babies

For those in nursing homes (Lucille Dahlke)

For the Soucek family

For the teachers at LeSueur Henderson Schools

For a safe and successful school year

For a great school year

For David Soucek

For Melvin Dahlke

For the Soucek and Fong families.

For safety and health

In honor of Monsignor Garvey

In memory of Karen Kreger and Tom Kreger

In memory of Bob Rezek

In memory of Jude Thompson’s father – Steven Thompson

For Jim Lies and family

In memory of Helen & Richard Schmit

In memory of Jerome J. Meyer

In memory of Gerald Ruprecht

In honor of all veterans

For the faith of our family

In memory of Ken Wotczak

In memory of Dana Von Wahlde and Karen Kreger

In memory of all unborn babies

In memory of Alice Sinnette

For Colleen Sogge and for our nation

For people out west dealing with fires, for a healthy neighborhood, for the hungry and for school staff to stay in school

For people in nursing homes suffering from loneliness, for parents struggling with schedules during the pandemic, for kids, for innocent police officers and the black community

I honor of the Olson family

In honor of farmers

In memory of Joan & Ken Ziegler

For Gary Neilson and Shelby Robillard

For peace

In memory of Purnima Shah

For the people of St. John’s Parish

For the health and safety of Andrea Schuth and her co-workers at the Hutchinson Urgent Care

For Aric Kleinschmidt – that he may heal from his injury and keep his joyous personality

In honor of Mike Kempe and Andy Kempe

In memory of Richard and Helen Schmit

In memory of our grandson Justin

In memory of Clemens Sterner

In memory of Sharon Ackley

In honor of Holland & Daeges families

In memory of Dylan Falling

In memory of my parents

In memory of Grandma Doris Flynn

For our family – especially Dave & family

In memory of Rose Ann Williams, John Paul Torgerson & LeRoy Williams

For world peace, the US election, Kali Poehnelt, Julie Kuzera, Judy Arena, Tembo family and immigrants

In memory of Jeanne Grates

For Mitchel Ruis who has seizure issues

For the Williams family

In memory of Marlene Rience

For the Kuechle family

For married couples, the Elwell family and teachers and students

For a speedy recover for Aric

In memory of Cara Halbur and Margaret Ohland

In honor of Jake Rewerts and  Kyle and Katie Rewerts

For Doris Sullivan, Roman Huberty, teachers, students, people in Nicaragua, world peace, our parents, the unity of families, prolife efforts and a police job for Josh

For Alec Kinzer healing

For cancer patients

For peace in our nation

For stronger relationships between people of all races

For Avery’s happiness

For essential workers and essential nature

In memory of Andy Anderson

In memory of Wilfred Knutson

In memory of Eleanor Klindt, Bob Revering and Mick Revering

In memory of  Victor Buesgens and Diane Bengtson

In memory of Jude’s father – Steven Thompson

In honor of Sallie Bellicot who has cancer

I honor of all those that serve and protect us

In memory of Elaine Peifer

For more acceptance, tolerance and respect in the world

In honor of Gary Neilson

Blessings to our students – that they remain healthy and in school

For peace in the world, an end to Covid, our country’s leaders, the Frank family, unity and civility and peace

In honor and memory of all law enforcement who gave their lives protecting their communities

For all the students of the School of St. Philip, past and present – May God Bless You

For the safety of all college students

For children to have a good school year

For Aric Kleinschmidt – may he heal quickly

For the world around us

For Jon Reinitz

For Helen Schmit

For Muriel Larson

For the families affected by the wild fires in our western states

For Debbie Ehr

In memory of Margaret McCarney

In memory of Kent Johnson and Kelly Buechler

For Justin McCarney and in memory of our loved ones

For Peg Shaw

In honor of all children of God

For Gary & Dale

For the Buechler and McCann families

In memory of Kelly Buechler, Ervin Buechler and Ray & Elsie Nelson

For all poor souls and all who are ill

In memory of Ben & MaryAnn Geers

In honor of John Wetteland who is undergoing chemo and radiation

For Art & Nancy Haag, Fred & Gen Koenig and Art & May Haag

For all the homeless and hungry people

In memory of Joe & Shirley Homer and Barbara Lackens

For the Shepersky & McCarney families

For peace for our country and good health for the sick and those in pain

For the sick in our Area Faith Community

In memory of deceased family members

In honor of Aiden and Lane Schneider – our grandsons

In honor of farmers – may they have a safe harvest

In memory of George & Esther Hallaway  and  Gertie & Leonard Johnson

In memory of Richard Pursley and Dana Von Wahlde

In memory of Steve Fjerstad

In memory of Jim & Dorothy Hansen  and Vince & Ruth Caron

In memory of Duffy Hartl

In memory of Gordie Kramer

For safety and learning for students at Litchfield High School

For Judy while undergoing cancer treatments

For all family members that have died

For a vaccine for covid, an end to all the violence and rioting, for food, clothing, shelter and medical care for all who need it

For me to become the person God wants/intends for me to be

For my sister Cheryl – that her diagnosis comes back good

In memory of Tom Nagel

For the people in the ambulance that went by earlier today

For Al Knutson

For all the animals in our neighborhood

For Gina Kratz

For healing of our world

In memory of Steve Thompson,   In honor of Doug & Starr Kerr

In memory of Wayne & Betty   and  Jim & Jane

In thanksgiving for the safety of Matt Springer

For a successful financial endeavor

For good health

For those who have gone before us

In honor of Larry & Pat Hanson & family, Ray Frankowick and Beth Bakeberg

In memory of Al & Lillian Lotzer

In honor of all our loved ones gone before us

In memory of Brandon Schaefer

For the health of my mom Jay Lee Dick

In memory of our grandparents  and Jacie’s great grandma Sandra Bengtson

In memory of Philip Steenrod, Christie Hawes and Irene & Jim Anderson

For people who have lost their lives to cancer and those who are fighting cancer

In memory of Dave & Mary Ann Nething, Charles Nething Jr., Michelle Bengtson and Lois Nething

For the health of Jim Anderson

In memory of Pa

In memory of Richard & Pat Lindmark  and Margaret McCarney

In memory of Joyce Dilley

In memory of Emmett & Adeline McCarney

In honor of all our grandchildren

In memory of people dying from covid

For suffering, starving and caged children throughout the world

For all the staff, students and friends of the School of St. Philip – may God continue to bless you always

In memory of Victor & Ruth Mary Jude, Madonna Jude, Miriam Jude, Phil Sullivan, Mary Sadaj, Josh Klein, Nick Cappanno, Deacon Bob & Theresa Sullivan

In memory of MayAnn & Cletus Spieker  and  Cara Halbur

In memory of Margaret & Ronald Wendroth

In memory of Melvin & Correen Erickson

For Diane Porth

For the Larry Rittanson family, Roger & Oon Hanson  and  Mike & Anne Tadych family

In memory of great grandpa Floyd Pauls and Vern Lock  and great grandma Joan Pauls

In memory of Ron & Marie Kragenbring

For health and healing for Joe Lee

For good health for my family

For Father Brian to have a good retreat

In memory of Bill and Jeanette McGraw

For strength and peace for Paula Schlangen

For continued success for small businesses

In memory of Mike Kotzer and Bill Mathias

In honor of Sharon Kotzer, Jerry & Rosemary Eischens,  Dave, Shelly & Breanna Eischens and Donna Mathias

In honor of all St. Philip’s students

In memory of Philip & Erma Marking, Butch & Deanna Zillmer, Karen Baalson & Carolyn Vevea

In memory of James & Dorothy Hanson

In memory of Ervin, Gary and Craig

For all my special intentions and for my family and friends

For Grandma and Grandpa Ficker

For the health of everyone during covid times

For Nami & Poppy Laney

In memory of Michael Mueller, David & Lucille Williams, Mary Lou Leuthner, Elizabeth & Leroy Williams, George Williams, Jude Williams and Patricia Breggemann

In thanksgiving for health, family, business and friends

In memory of Nila Haefner

For Monica Madden

For Bill, Stacy, Sarah, Emily & Lauren

For families

In memory of Bill & Mary Alice

For small town businesses

For our US troops, President Trump, our families and all those suffering silently

For all St. Philip’s students

In memory of C.J. Lehrer

For the sick

In memory of Clarence & Edna Hirman  and John & Ruby Dragt

In memory of Ervin Dale Kalkbrenner

In honor of the students at the School of St. Philip

In memory of Dylan Falling and all sons who have died

In honor of Dustin Falling and all organ donor recipients and donors

For a safe fall harvest

In honor of all my family

In honor of Braden Gauthier

In memory of Michael Kotzer and family and friends

In memory of Monica Madden

For all children with cancer

In honor of Dennis Cullip

In memory of Eugene Mertesdorf

For Grandpa Jerome, Justin, Charlotte, Olivia, Matthew, Mitchell, Finley & Margaret

In memory of Pat & Dick Lindmark  and  Margaret McCarney

In honor of Dion & Paula

For all teachers

For the well being and safety of our country during this election and Covid-19

In memory of all the men and women that have died in war keeping our country safe

In memory of Al & Agnes Rausch  and  Edward & Viola Miller

In memory of our saints who’ve gone before us – Ken Anderson & Frances Manning

In honor of freedom for slaves around the world being held against their will and being mistreated

For Dean & Viola Jenkins  and Cyril and Fern Freidrichs

For good health, kindness and peace to our world

In memory of Jerry Spencer

In memory of Vince & Ruth Caron  and  James & Dorothy Hansen

In memory of  the depressed, mentally ill, sick, homeless and those without hope

For a good harvest

For cancer victims

For deceased family members

In memory of Lloyd and Orilla Valiant  and Joe & Catherine Brulla

In memory of Paul Delvanx and Gerald Drange

For all my family and friends to stay healthy, happy and safe and that soon I can give them all big hugs