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Our Marathon Intentions

As Christians we are called to share in the ministry of Christ’s intercession for the whole world. At the School of St. Philip, we are honored to join together and pray for our generous marathon donors and on their behalf. May God grant each of these prayers, provide strength, healing and salvation, and make His presence known to all.

For good health for great aunts – Barbara Thom and Debi Nagel
For our families

For all my sick family members to get better
For solutions and healing for my loved one with mental and physical issues
In memory of all the Olsons who have passed on before us
For family and friends of Bill & Sara Friedrichs
In memory of Carl & Wayne Baumgartner
In memory of Eleanor Klindt, Bob Revering and Mick Revering
In honor of U.S. Military and Law Enforement, First Responders and Fire fighters
In memory of Duane Weisensel and Val Spieker
In memory of Jacquie Frerichs and Dennis Cullip
In memory of Donna & Richard Mikkelson
For Lilymae to have a positive and enriching experience this school year
In memory of my mom Diane Dollerschell
In honor of my family – Keith, Gwen, Bruce, Craig and their families
For a family member who needs counseling and is refusing help
For Jack Binsfeld and Arlene Anderson
For the Wallace Family
Jesus! Let His light shine!

For Steve Erlander who is battling melanoma cancer
For human trafficking victims
For Thor Picard

For the end of abortion
For the health of our family so we can serve Jesus well
For the U.S. government
For our grandchildren to be safe and fulfill their dreams
For people struggling with addiction
For those that have lost their home and histories to war – that they may find support and hope
in their new communities
In honor of our children and their spouses or partners
In honor of Tom P. In memory of Raphael, Carl & Anna Trisko
In memory of Jim Lies and Julie Langness
For the Lhotka family
In memory of Melvin Johnson
For a successful school year for teachers & students
For rain to nourish our dry areas
For health for family and friends
In honor of Tim Ross – that his battle with brain cancer is a success
In memory of my daughter Jennifer and my husband Dick
In hon or of Max, Madeline and Macy
For U.S. Veterans
For Sharon Miller
For my grandchildren and great grandchildren
In honor of service men and women
In memory of Jerome Eischens
In memory of Grandpa Scott – and for peace and courage for all of us that remain
In memory of Fred Fortney
For peace in the world – to stop wars – and to learn to work out decisions with others
In memory of Josie and Mary – for the School of St. Philip – teachers, children & families

In memory of Irvin James Ehr and Patricia Ehr
I memory of Gary Neilson
In memory of Henry H. Springer
In memory of George & Mary Keeling and Emmanuel & Agnes Haegele
For our grandchildren
In memory of Valerie Spieker, Michelle Lesley and Cletus & MaryAnn Spieker
In memory of Wayne Baumgartner
For our Eric and for good health for our family
In honor of Samson, Cooper and Tucker
In memory of Bud Davis and Nancy Hammerding
In memory of Cara Halbur and Lawrence & Margaret Ohland
In memory of Bruno Kardell, Leonard Grasser, Lorita Duffy and Fred McFeeters
In memory of Bill Huhner Sr.
In honor of Pat Pollock & Mark Kempe
In loving memory of Pete & Pam Riehle
I honor of the living Fullers, McGraws, Nelsons and Hunters. Bring their hearts close to Jesus
in the Eucharist.
For all those who have lost a loved one and are trying to navigate their grief journey
In memory of Patricia Smith
For all our children and grandchildren
For good health
For Grandma Janet and Uncle Pat
For my Father-in-law who is having health issues and my Brother-in-law who is having mental
health struggles
In memory of the deceased Buschette family members
In memory of the deceased Barthel family members
For my family, for those struggling with addiction and peace among us all

In memory of Dylan Falling
For Halle, Sebastian and Oliver & all children with serious illnesses
For Fr. Tony Stubeda
For the health of the Zeman, Kaminski, Lenz & DeBenedet families
In memory of Bill Peltier

In memory of Don Zwilling  and  Tom Unterberger

In memory of Schlangen families & Heinen families

In memory of Jim Schreifels  and Gene Henning

In memoy of Mike Kotzer, Jerome Eischens and Bill Mathias

In honor or Sharon Kotzer, Rosemary Eischens, Dave & Shelly Eischens, Breanna Eischens and Donna Mathias

In loving memory of Elizabeth & Jerome Kaminski

In memory of Ed Konietzko, Neil Konietzko, Mary Jean Weseman, Rose Ann Goodman and Robert Konietzko

In memory of Marcella Lee

For Cindy to find a part time job

In memory of Carl & Shirley Timms

In memory of Mary Lou Koll  and  Spencer Streed

In memory of Bill Huhner

In memory of all those who have died before us

In memory of Monsignor Garvey

In memory of Brent Nelson

In honor of volunteers in our community – may we be grateful for their time and help, and may others be inspired to join in acts of service

In memory of Karl Lundin

In honor of Chuck Finch

In memory of Eugene & Mary Jane Fitterer

In memory of Knute & Dorothy Erickson

In memory of Robert & Genevieve Krisk  and Delores Krisk

In memory of Robert Donnay

In memory of Robert Polingo

In memory of Benno Roehl

In memory of Bill Roers

In memory of Hunter Heysman  and Betsy Hauth

In memory of our pets that have moved on to meet Jesus

In memory of Elaine Yungk

In memory of John & Evelyn Benfield

For Eric, Laura, and the Gabrielson family – for comfort int their time of sadness

For family and friends health

For Felling Trailers Team Members

For Jesus – because he saves all of us

For good health for Leon Huberty family

For Church, country, Steve Hesse’s family and Steve & Allison’s marriage, friends and godchildren

For Roman & Marly’s health, for family to come back to church, for Dallas & Audry Dudra, for Todd Dudra and Ernest & Beverly Peterson

In honor of our families

In memory of Kevin Jansick

For our catholic faith and for our families – for our country and peace in our world

In honor of Mary Jo Edward

In memory of Bob Loew

In memory of Marie

In honor of Jerry Oster

In memory of the deceased members of the Shequen Family and Lorber family

For the unborn

In honor of my husband – a disabled vet

In honor of the Young family

In memory of Scott Weinzetl

In memory of Grandma GraceAnn

In memory of Christopher Hansen and Bill Peltier

In honor of all students

For all cancer patients

For the unity of families – for God’s love to shine in our world

In memory of Mrs. Raymond Hughes

In memory of Dylan Falling

For all the students and teachers who make this school a beautiful place to learn about God’s gifts

In memory of all the deceased members of our families

In honor of Lois Culbertson and in memory of the Culbertson / Wagner families

For our children and grandchildren to have Jesus in their lives and come back to their faith

For a peaceful resolution to the war in the Ukraine

In memory of the deceased members of the Irene & Donald Quinn family

In memory of Ben & MaryAnn Geers  and Liddy Geers

In honor of all veterans especially Larry Ottoson

In memory of all our loved ones that have passed from this earth

In memory of Janet & Marvin Feakes  and Ken Kristenson

In memory of Ralph Huberty

In honor of my family

For Orville Danik and his family

For students to have a great school year

For Joyce who is fighting cancer

In honor of family

In memory of Richard Smith

In  memory of Sererina Caron

For the sic

In memory of all the poor souls

In memory of George & Eileen Mihlbauer

In memory of Caroline Nathe

In memory of Dorothy Pennertz and Eloise Farwick

For a quick and complete recovery for Faye

For Grandma Gayle’s eyesight to get better

In memory of Butch Borowicz and Paula Schlangen

For Gloria Gill

In memory of Paul Olberding, Carol Carew, Floyd Carlson, Roger Jacobs & Bob Rezek

For Julie Stone, Lisa Deedrick, Steve Ehr, Pat Ehr, the Jim Ehr family, Claire Littlefield, Sarah Staebell and Nick Weber

For St. Philips students

In honor of Cooper & Brody Baalson

In memory of Marlene Riehle & Connor Shepersky

In honor of my sister Lynette

In memory of Janet Hendrickson

In memory of Kelly Sogge

In memory of Gordon Anderson and Virginia Anderson

For all teachers at Catholic Education Centers

For good health, happiness and safety

In memory of Jerry Ruprecht

In honor of Fr. Jeff and Fr. Mike

For peace in the world and for people to get to know God better

In memory of Peter Ackermann

In honor of Sisters of Sant Francis

In memory of Richard and Helen Schmit

In memory of Paul Gabrielson

For safe schools and the wellness of our families

For the Gabrielson family

For couples struggling with infertility

For a good harvest

For harmony throughout the world

For Lukas and Langley to have a wonderful year

For good health for the Heacock family

For people in pain

For all our family and friends to stay healthy and happy

For our veterans

For the Gill and Hillesheim families

For those suffering the most and dying

For the souls in purgatory

For the intentions of Pope Francis

For the universal Catholic Church

In memory of Terry Arnold

For the family of Janet Binsfeld – to grow in faith

For a nephew who died to suicide

To an end to abortion

For vocations and marriages

For the safety of all law enforcement officers and for all that have fallen

In memory of Norbert & Marg Lawrence, Norb & Dave Lawrence and Ken Kardell

In memory of Baune family members

In memory of Austin & Betty Vos  and  John Rewerts

In memory of Val Spieker and David Iverson

For the Vikings to make it to the super-bowl

In memory of Sharon Ackley

In memory of Leonard Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. George Hallaway, Gloria Anderson and Patricia Hannu

In memory of Tom Kreger and Karen Kreger

In memory of Al & Agnes Rausch, Joan Brulle, Ed & Viola Miller and Sheron Miller

In memory of Daryl Swart and Alyssa Swart

In memory of William Hammer

For the Euerle family

For the Mackedanz and Knisley friends and family

In honor of teachers

For peace in this nation

In memory of Hank Springer

For Riehle family health

In memory of Purnima Shah

In honor of The Prairie Eco-links, the saving of our democracy, for those who come to our shores to seek safety

In memory of Mike Kotzer

For world peace – put God back into our homes and schools and government

For Grace Dietrich – a long and happy marriage filled with blessings

For good  health for MaryAnn

In memory of Mark Gabrielson

In memory of Laura Mae Schloeder and Mike & Lou Schloeder

For those battling illnesses and those mourning the loss of loved ones

For the Chuck Schoolmeester family

In memory of Jim & Dorothy Hansen, Chris Hansen and Vince & Ruth Caron

For Ann Leshovsky who survived cancer

For the many men and women who serve our communities to help protect and keep us safe  - and for their families who stand beside them

For my wife Sonja’s health,  freedom,  and the School of St. Philip

In memory of Red Jones

In memory of Don, Naomi, Kyle and Steve Rotert

For Alex – may he succeed with his new job and listen to his grandma

In memory of Richard & Mary Nagel  and Tom Nagel

In memory of Bill & Jeanette McGraw and Janice Nowak

For the renewal of faith for our AFC – success of Discovering Christ

In memory of John, Bob and Tom Summerfeld

In memory of Paul Cates

In memory of Eirene Fischer and Lance Satterlee

In memory of Stella & Louis Riehle

In memory of James Kerr

In memory of Linus Lehner

In memory of Louis Huber

In memory of Adrian Nohner

In honor of Joe Klein family and Ron Besch

In memory of Buane & Char Benoit and Jim Steuck

In memory of my dear sister Donna

For Isabella and Maverick Albert to have a great school year.

In memory of Kelly Buechler, Eugene Bahr and Kent Johnson

In memory of the McCarney family

In honor of Pet Shaw

For people living in the Ukraine and for peace in the United States

In memory of Eleanor Klindt,  Bob Revering and Mick Revering

In memory of Eugene Bahr

In memory of Kenneth Anderson and Harold Hickman

In honor of Sharon Mitler

In honor of Rosella – who has cancer

For the parishioners of Light of the World AFC

For St. Anne’s School Building Project

For the Hesse family

For all our deceased family and friend  and the poor souls in Purgatory

For our family and friends – may they stay close to God & Jesus

For my mom Tootz -  who is dealing with cancer

In memory of John Huelskamp  and Michael Arndt

In honor of health care workers and teachers

In memory of Albert & Myra Lenzen  and  Ralph & Lorraine Beck

In honor of friends and family that are battling cancer and other illnesses

For continued growth and safety in our small family business

For out past, current and future students

In memory of Richard Smith

For the education and faith of the children at School of St. Philip

In memory of Willie Knutson

In memory of Msgr Francis Garvey

For all farmers

In memory of Deceased Reining family members

In memory of Norb Wolft

In memory of Bernie Schmitz

In memory of Ralph Meierhofer

In honor of the family of Ralph & Ruth Meierhofer

In memory of Gene Mertesdorf

For my loved ones that have passed away and for peace and love for our country

For good health or my family members

In memory of Chris Hansen, Thomas Crowe, Benno Roehl, Matthew Brennen & Bernard Funk

In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Dave Williams  and Rose Williams

For children living in war

In memory of Genevieve Rick

In memory of LeRoy Williams

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