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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplemental  Lessons

What is the cost of tuition?
K-5 tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year is $3290/year. Tuition can be paid in 9-month, 10-month, or 12-month installments. This cost is for the first child in the family. A second child (K-5) would receive a $500 discount.

Do we have any fundraisers?
In addition to tuition, each family has a $1,500 fundraising goal. This is a family—not an individual—goal. Families are expected to participate in our Small Steps Big Intentions Marathon as this is the biggest (and perhaps easiest) way to meet the fundraising requirement. Our school also sells Scrip gift certificates and Catholic United Financial Raffle tickets that can help families meet their fundraising obligation.

What does your breakfast and lunch program look like? 
We work with the Litchfield School District to obtain school meals. A monthly menu will be posted on our school website.  Students have the choice of a hot lunch or bringing a cold lunch. If bringing a cold lunch, students have the option of purchasing a milk.  We ask all milk be pre-paid and money is tracked through our FACTS system.  

What are the school hours of operation?
Students begin at 8:00 a.m. Our dismissal is at 2:45 p.m.

Do you have childcare before and/or after school?
At this time, we do not have a childcare program. If there is enough interest, it is something we will pursue in the future.

Do we have to be Catholic to attend the School of St. Philip?
NO. Approximately one-third of our students practice another faith tradition. These students add depth to our faith conversations as they take part in religion classes, weekly Mass celebrations, and daily prayer. Students of all faith traditions are welcome at the School of St. Philip!

What do non-Catholics do during religion classes?
Non-Catholic students take part in all religion classes, retreats, liturgies, and activities. With the exception of receiving the sacraments, they are able to participate in all activities. They are encouraged to share their faith and beliefs with their classes to enhance discussions.

Do you have sports teams and/or extracurricular activities?
In this area, elementary youth sports and extracurricular activities take place through Community Education, so NO, we do not have sports teams.

What is your average class size?
We average about 10 student in each grade. With exceptionally low class sizes multi-age rooms may be created. Low teacher- student ratios allow students to have multiple opportunities to participate and have a great deal of teacher-student interaction. The School of St. Philip is a place where you get more turns!

What does your school calendar look like? 
The School of St. Philip generally follows the Litchfield School District.
Because we have a longer school day than the other buildings in the district, we will finish our school year a few days early. We also have a couple of days where our students have the day off due to our diocesan workshop and the Easter Monday holiday. For the convenience of families and to facilitate bussing, we try to follow the local school district as much as possible.

Can students be bussed to the School of St. Philip?
Yes! All students have a right to be bussed to school whether they choose public or private schools as long as they are within the distance requirements. Hicks Bus Company transports students to the School of St. Philip along with the other students in the district. Students who live outside the Litchfield School District should contact Hicks Bus Company for specific inquiries.

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