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Family Newsletter ~ January 9, 2020

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Reading Counts

Just a reminder that next Friday 1/17 marks the end of the first half of the year. Students in grades 1-5 have each set independent reading goals that need to be met by that date. Please check in with your child’s teacher as needed to confirm that your child is on track to meet their goals.


Wellness Team

We will have a Wellness Team meeting next Thursday, 1/16 after school. If you or your children (grades 3-6) would like to join the team, please do, and/or contact me to share your ideas.

NWEA Assessments

We will begin NWEA assessments on Monday next week. Please do all that you can to avoid appointments and keep your children healthy, well-rested, and mentally prepared for these assessments. They provide us with a nice snapshot of the gains our students have made since September and help us to set goals for the months ahead.


Catholic Schools Week

You will be receiving information regarding CSW in the next couple of days. Please watch the due dates and return them ASAP.

Mass: The form for Mass assistance already went out. Please complete and return that ASAP for planning purposes.

Talent Show: Students should ALL plan to attend this event. The teachers will work with their class to put together a special act and it is important for them to take part. Individuals, duos, or other groups are also invited to enter an act. Please plan early and sign up in a timely way.

Breakfast: We will need LOTS of help with the breakfast—set up on Saturday and serving/cleaning on Sunday. I am asking that every family work at least one shift. I always say, “Many hands make light work!” This is also a great way to get to know other families and kids.

Field Trips: We’d love chaperones! Sign up and join us if you are able. Remember that Virtus safe environment training is a must!

Flapjacks for Families: This is our chance as a school staff to show some appreciation for our school parents. Please join us for breakfast on Wednesday 1/29.


First Eucharist Preparation: Eucharist Centers

Second grade students will have the opportunity to continue their preparations for First Communion by visiting St. Philip Church after school today and tomorrow. Mrs. Kulzer provides a variety of parent-child activities to help draw families together and learn more about this beautiful sacrament. Please plan to stop in.


As we move through the next few months, we will be doing a special push for recruitment—as we typically do. I hope you know what a powerful voice you as parents have in the recruitment process. WE NEED YOU! We need you to share the things you love about St. Philip’s with your friends, family, and anyone you meet. We need you to encourage and invite these people to come in and check us out. We need you to share contact information so we can reach out to prospective families as a school system. We have special events planned for the upcoming months and encourage you to invite, invite, invite! We want to see St. Philip’s grow and thrive, so please help us reach out to the community whenever possible.

Upcoming Events:

· Come Play with Us: Jan. 23 4-year-olds visit the kindergarten room for activities.

· Discovery Day: Feb. 20 Jolly Pops band will perform for our PreK -grade 1 and visiting preschoolers.

· Open House: March 12 All are encouraged to come for a traditional open house-style visit and enroll their students for 2020-2021.

· Kindergarten Round-Up: April 2 Prospective kindergarten students visit and spend the morning in the classroom.

· Open House: May 7 All are encouraged to come for a traditional open house-style visit and enroll their students for 2020-2021.


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