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Family Newsletter ~ April 2, 2020

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Catholic United Financial Prizes

Catholic United Financial and our school offered several incentives during the schools raffle. Though not all can be awarded at this time, I thought we’d make an attempt to do what we can.

· The last big prizes we earned as a school were a Bubble Gum Day and a Costume Day. We are planning to honor those events on MONDAY, APRIL 6! I will be sending home the bubble gum at our Friday pick-up this week. Then you’ll need to pull out your Halloween costumes on Monday morning! Be sure to email or text pictures to Mrs. Kramer at 320.428.5818 or so that we can add them to our latest blog post and EVERYONE can see your costumes!

· The prize for our top sellers went to Zacharias and Nehemiah Flemming. I was able to distribute their scooter prize last week.

· I am still hoping we can pull a Principal of the Day winner – when/if we return to school this spring.

· Class pizza parties are also still TBD.


Retreat Day

Though we won’t be able to have a traditional SoSP Retreat Day this spring, we are still planning for a special home retreat day next Thursday. This is Holy Thursday, and it is a great opportunity for you enter into Jesus’ death and resurrection in a new way. You will receive a packet with retreat activities during Friday pick-up tomorrow. Enjoy the day with your families. Since this is our retreat day, students will not be assigned “regular schoolwork.” Please use the retreat day activities instead.


Friday Pick-up ~ Thursday Next Week

Just a reminder that all families are asked to stop at the school tomorrow, Friday 4/3 for the weekly pick-up/drop-off day for school materials. I will do my best to provide curbside service. 😊

Next week, because we do not have school on Good Friday, Thursday will be our pick-up/drop-off day.


Extra Ideas for Students

Some families may be looking for extra ideas or lessons for their children during this distance learning period, and I often receive emails with suggestions. Rather than bombard your inbox with information, I have set up a space on our website that you can visit when you need new ideas. Simply access the family tab and look for the Distance Learning Supplemental Lessons icon to learn more. I will update these as I receive suggestions.


End of Quarter

Due to the extended spring break, we pushed the end of the quarter back a week, so tomorrow marks the end of quarter III. Teachers will be wrapping up assessments and sending home report cards in the next couple of weeks.


Healthy Snack Taste Test

All families are encouraged to share a healthy snack option for our taste test. Please make your healthy snack, take a picture, and send the picture and recipe to Mrs. Kramer. These will then be uploaded to our Healthy Snack Taste Test blog for everyone to try!


Reading Counts

We encourage the students to continue doing independent reading during these weeks of quarantine. It may be challenging to know if your books are in the reading counts system, but you can look up books by author or title to fine out. Simply access the Reading Counts Book Expert page. Given the circumstances, we are less concerned about reading levels and simply want our students to READ! Find something that interests them and read for enjoyment. Click on the picture to access Book Expert.

To take tests on Reading Counts, students should follow the same procedure at home as they did in school. Simply visit the school website and go to the Student Websites page to find the link. If your child does not recall their password, contact his/her teacher.


Library Books

Just a reminder to PLEASE RETURN YOUR SCHOOL LIBRARY BOOKS. Rather than wait and have things go missing, we would prefer you return them as soon as you are finished reading them. They can be dropped off on Fridays with your other materials.


Parent Technology Tutorial

We are a week into the distance learning process, so I thought some parents may benefit from an additional training with the platforms. I will plan to meet next Monday, April 6 at 7:00 PM for anyone interested in such a training. This will be informal and a chance to ask questions and try to work out the kinks on your varied devices. Please use this link to join this optional session.


School Fees and Tuition Contracts

Last week we sent out the 2020-2021 tuition contracts so that we can begin our preparations for the fall. I wanted to update families on the PAY SCHOOL FEES tab on our website. I know many of you prefer to use automated systems for payments, and I want to make you aware of this capability from our school website. The system is set up through PayPal, so you’ll need to make an account when you log in if you don’t already have one, but then the process is simple from there. You can use this form for making payments of all kinds—simply add a memo to your payment indicating what it is for. This can certainly be used for paying your registration fees this spring.


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