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October 9th Newsletter


Next week we will have the first of two days of vision and hearing screening for our students. This is a wonderful way for us to detect any issues students might be having with their vision or hearing. The first day is this Wednesday, October 14th. The following Wednesday, the 21st will be the second day.



Justin McCann will be celebrating his birthday this next week (10-14). Happy birthday and God bless Justin.



We are grateful to Jerome McCarney for donating $1000 to our school. This money will be used to help us have enough technology devices so that each classroom will have an entire set.

We recently got some fantastic news about this. We have gotten several donations, but the devices themselves have been in short supply. Jeff Seidl is the education liaison for Nuvera. He was able to place an order for several schools – including ours. It will still be a few weeks before we get our chrome books, but he was able to do what we could not and actually find them. We are very grateful for his hard work. We are still asking for donations to meet the financial need of this goal.



On Thursday and Friday next week there is no school for students or staff. It is the annual MEA Break.



We did receive enough donations this week to reach our goal. We earned $65,054. This includes $2500 in matching grants. Congratulations to everyone for the hard work you put in. Next Tuesday, the students will get the reward for teaching this goal. We will spend one half of the day at the Community Park at Lake Ripley, one half of the day watching a fun movie and will have a special pizza lunch. Lunch will be in the park - weather permitting. If your child does not like or want pizza feel free to send cold lunch. Water will be provided.



Thank you all for being so diligent and notifying the office when your child is gone. Please include the reason for the absence. If it is an illness, please let know what type - cold, flu, pink eye, tummy troubles, etc. This helps be aware of what is going around.

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