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March 19th Newsletter

Today is the end of the third quarter. Report cards will be going home next Friday the 26th. Look for them.



Last week we had one full jar of change. Today we have two full jars of change plus $148 in cash and checks. A third jar has been started. On Wednesday, the money that has been collected at the AFC churches will be brought to school and added to our jar. Will we fill that third jar? I believe we can. Take a look around for change and send it in or drop it off.



Our spring break begins on Monday, March 29th. Students will return to class on Tuesday, April 6th. Please stay COVID safe during this time off.



We have two birthdays to celebrate next week. Fr. Brian (3-22) and Zacharias Flemming (3-25). May God bless both of them.



Are you interested in growing our school? Are you creative, helpful? Do you enjoy working as a team? Do you want to get more involved in your child's education? Do you want to promote the School of St. Philip? If so, please consider volunteering to be on the Marketing Committee. We have room for you. This group meets the first Thursday of the month from 5-6:30 p.m. We plan promotions and events to promote our school. Contact the me by phone - 320-593-4774 or email me -

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