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Family Newsletter ~ May 2, 2019

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

NWEA Assessments

Next week is our spring testing week. Students will begin testing Monday morning and continue into the week as long as necessary. These tests are not timed, so students have ample time to do their best. We ask your help in preparing students with a good night's sleep, a healthy, protein-rich breakfast and snack, and a positive attitude. Unlike the ITBS tests in our recent past, the NWEAs are done in 45-minute blocks and are computer-based. Students are not timed and there are safeguards in place for students who want to just click, click, click through the answers. Please encourage your children to do their best so we can get an honest snapshot of their growth this year.



This Saturday, May 5 our school families will gather at 8:30 AM at the park by Lake Ripley (by the Veteran's memorial) to begin our highway clean-up. This is an important service to the community and we need many helpers! If you are able to let us know ahead of time that you're coming we'll be able to get a better headcount for donuts! :)


Planetarium Trip

Our 2nd - 5th grade students are looking forward to their trip to the Planetarium at St. Cloud State University next Wednesday. Just a reminder that they won't return to the school until 3:15, so parents are asked to pick them up. Students will also need to bring a cold lunch and wear their St. Philip's gear.


Late Start

Wednesday, May 8 is a Late Start day for all students. Buses will run with the typical 2-hour delay schedule.


May Crowning

Please join us next Monday at 6:30 for May Crowning and the Living Rosary at St. Philip Church. This is a special way we honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our spiritual Mother.


Family Life Speaker

4th and 5th grade families, just a reminder that you are invited to join us tomorrow at 12:45 for Chris Codden's family life presentation.


Volunteers Needed

As we look ahead to year-end fun, we'll need volunteer helpers for some special events:

+ Field Day -- May 21 11:45 - 2:45

+ Graduation Day -- May 24 -- We need volunteer supervisors of students during the graduation brunch so staff can attend.

+ Proworks Visit/Cemetery Clean-up Helpers -- May 15 --Join grades 2-4 for this outing beginning at 10:15.

+ Twins Game with School Patrol-- May 15 -- I'm still looking for 1 more driver and a chaperone.



This Friday is our last opportunity for checking out library books. We will have a book walk next week and students will have the chance to pick out a few books to take home to keep. Keep in mind that all library books need to be returned before students will receive their report cards.


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