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A Wonderful Week One!

Dear SoSP families,

A warm welcome to each of you, both returning and brand new families! This week has been filled with great energy, and I hope you have been hearing positive things on the home front.

This first weekly newsletter is coming to you in hard copy, but a digital version has also been emailed to you. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THAT EMAIL, PLEASE LET US KNOW. I know there are a couple of people who indicated they haven’t received some messages. One troubleshooting idea is to add my contact information to your address book as we all have new email addresses this year.


Receipt of Handbook

You are also receiving the Receipt of Handbook form today with the newsletter. Please complete and return this form early next week. New families received the handbook in hard copy, while returning families are asked to visit the school website or request a hard copy if needed.


Marathon 2019

Now is the time to get a jump on asking for marathon donations! This first week’s goal was just $1000, but it will jump to $5000 next week. The parish mailing will be going out soon and you will be asked to follow up with parishioners as well. Remember that if everyone does their part, we can reach that $60,000 goal! Please get out there -- and take your kids with you!

St. Philip Fall Festival

The St. Philip parish community’s fall festival is coming up this Sunday, Sep. 8 on the St. Philip Church grounds. The day begins with Mass at 10:00 with lots of activities to follow including BINGO, kids games, live music, farmer’s market, and food stands. It promises to be a great time for the whole family and is a wonderful way for us to support the parish and get to know members of the community. Please join us! Students will be given punch cards to redeem for prizes at the kids games along with a flyer. Bring the whole family and enjoy a day of fellowship and fun.


Room Parents

We are still in need of at least one room parent at every grade level. The responsibilities of these volunteers include coordinating birthday and Christmas gifts for one or two staff members and coordinating one or two school activities. Please contact the office to volunteer and/or get more information.


SoSp Apparel Order

Just a reminder that the apparel order for St. Philip's is due next Friday, Sep. 13. Orders will arrive in time for use on Marathon Day 10/4.



At the August Parent Meeting I asked all families to sign up for the REMIND app to receive quick communication from the school. Even if you signed up last year, you will need to re-enroll because our staff has new email addresses. Please text the message @af44b4 to 81080 (see diagram) and you will automatically be entered into our system. Thanks for your help in making communication as fluid as possible.


Acknowledgement of Handbook Receipt

You are receiving the receipt of handbook form today and are asked to please complete it and return it to school by early next week. New families were given a hard copy of the handbook, and returning families are asked to visit the website or request a hard copy.


Grandparents Day Preparations

Please note the Grandparents Day form in the packet of info today and return that to us by early next week.


Pietra Fitness

Interested in trying a new wellness option that combines physical movement with Christian prayer? Check out the class offerings for Pietra.


Box Tops for Education

The Box Tops for Education program is making some changes. Please see the flyer for more details, but the basic idea is that you no longer need to clip labels (if you have old ones now, send them in anyway). The new procedure is to either (a) send your receipt to school from the Box Top product within 2 weeks of purchase, or (b) put the app on your phone and scan the receipt yourself. You can download the app or learn more at


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