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You’re so good to the kids and the environment is so good for the kids that we just want to be a part of it.

~Jason Olson, Parent

Gee, that school just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

~Jacob Elwell, St. Philip’s Class of 2017

I LOVE St. Philip because of the small class sizes that allow children to thrive, everyone knows everyone, very welcoming atmosphere with faculty that cares and is very approachable.

~Carrie Asmus, Mom 

I love St. Philip because it is a Catholic based school that is family oriented. I enjoy the relationships that we have established from St. Philip families, they are our closest friends.

~Jane Wagner, Mom 

Because our kids do! It allows our children to pray, and say the "pledge of allegiance" and it honors, and teaches our children the importance of morals, ethics, and family values.

~Derek Penk, Dad 

We love the School of St. Philip because of the sound teaching/learning community. Our children have thrived in St. Philip's school. The teachers are excellent and communication between school and home is fantastic. 

~Gerry Kulzer, Dad 

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