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October 23rd Newsletter


We all gathered together on Tuesday to pray the Rosary together. We had planned to do this outside but the weather did not cooperate. So instead we used the hallways both upstairs and downstairs in order to keep social distance. We used a small blue ball as our bead and passed it from person to person as the Rosary was recited. The fifth graders began each decade as we prayed the Joyful Mysteries. Teachers led the Glory Be and Fatima Prayer. Then each child led a Hail Mary.



Winter definitely surprised us this week. We had a few unhappy children when it came time for recess. If we have snow, students must have snow boots, snow pants, coat, head covering and gloves or mittens. Preferably the gloves or mittens are water proof. We go outside everyday if at all possible. We go out for PE as well as recess. If they are missing any of this clothing they must stay on the blacktop outside.



We have two students celebrating birthdays this week. Happy birthday to Freya Olson (10-25) and Otto Elton (10-28). God Bless them both.



We need about 15 round coffee cans with lids. The cans don't necessarily have to be coffee cans but should be about that size. They should be clean. We would like them by November 1st. Thank you in advance.



Each classroom is planning their own Halloween party. I was asked if, since trick-or-treating looks differently this year, children could bring treats for their friends. If is fine for children to bring treats if they have one for everyone in their class. It can not be homemade and must be peanut and tree nut free.


Children are allowed to bring costumes to change into for their party. No weapons of any kind are allowed. Please make sure that the costume they wear is tasteful.



The Annual Report to Stakeholders has been completed. You can find this document on the school website. This report provides an overview of last year's achievements as well as the goals for this year. It also gives a financial summary of last year.

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