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December 3rd Newsletter


Hope is the first candle and was lit this week. Our hearts are filled with Hope as we prepare for the birth of our Savior. On the first floor the word 'Hope" hangs from the ceiling along with the first candle. On the second floor, a four candle wreath has been created with a simulated candle lit. It is surrounded by a nativity set. My Hope for Advent is that you can find a way to prepare safely and perhaps form a new tradition.



Once again we are making Birthday Bags for our Advent Service Project. We ask that you put together a birthday bag for families in need. Include a cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, candles and perhaps a small gift. Return it to school by Thursday, Dec. 17. The bags will be delivered to the food shelf by the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders and will be used to help families celebrate a child’s birthday throughout the year. The bags really brighten the day for these families.



Happy St. Nicholas Day on Sunday! At school, we will be talking about St. Nick and the meaning behind this celebration. Every school family will be getting a prayer card, cocoa packets and candy canes for their entire family. The "goodie bags" will be sent home on Friday.



Did you know that we collect Family Fare cash register receipts? There is a basket in the narthex at the Church of St. Philip where you can drop them. You can also send them with your child to school. The receipts are bundled and tallied then returned to Family Fare. They, in turn, send us a check. We are fortunate that this program continues and hope that you will support it by saving and donating your receipts. In October, we were sent a check for $1,000! The receipts don't expire so if you have some laying around, please send them in. We are also blessed that Sylvia Johnson has dedicated countless hours tallying and bundling to making this program such a BIG SUCCESS!



This year we are having a daily Christmas Carol rebus that the children are trying to figure out. A new puzzle is posted each day. The answer to the previous day's puzzle is posted so that everyone can see the answer. Can you figure out the first two?



Happy birthday this next week to Henning Huhn (12-11), Tyler Randt (12-12) and Ms. Zeiss (12-12). God bless them on their birthday and everyday.

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