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April 15th Newsletter


On Thursday, we participated in the statewide tornado drill. Everyone did a great job. We sounded our bell when the sirens started. Everyone went to the basement and covered their heads. The students were quiet and followed directions very well.



These faces say it all! Tattrie Ficker, Evelyn Culbertson and Abe Olson pause for a picture at their family night performance of Frozen. These 3 young actors are performing in the community education production running right now. Tattrie and Evelyn are Hidden Folk and in the Summer Chorus. Abe has the part of the Steward.

We have several School of St. Philip alumni involved in the performance as well. Brett Penk, Therese Kulzer, Luci Ficker, Pat Hanson and Shawn Hanson are all either in or helping with the play. Congratulations to all of them and good luck at your performances.



In case you missed it! We held Kindergarten Roundup last week. If you did not get a chance to attend, please call 693-6283 to get an appointment. We are happy to accommodate your schedule.



Do you sometimes wonder how we use some of the donations we receive? This fall we received a bottle filler/water cooler for our 2nd floor. The water fountain part is disconnected. As of this writing, 2524 bottles have been filled by our fountains. This fountain not only saves the environment but also is helps us keep our COVID protocols.



Two students are celebrating this week. Spencer Valiant (4-20) and Logan Joyer (4-23). May God Bless each of them.

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