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Supplemental Lessons

Social-Emotional Health: Zones of Regulation

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A Lesson From Mrs. Olson, our Librarian: Lunch Doodles with Mo

Mo Willems, who we did an author study on a couple years ago in library has a great daily (weekdays) video called Lunch Doodles with Mo, specifically for this COVID time.  They are all saved on the internet and kids can do all of them. 


In episode 8, Mo passes the drawing torch over to Dan Santat, who we had been doing an author study on during March.  In this episode, Dan talks about his inspiration for becoming an artist, then an author (he and Mo are great pals and collaborate on books) and he shares information about several books we just recently read during library.  The kids also get to draw with him and see how he created a version of the Gerald and Piggie characters. Abe and Freya loved it and I think most of the kids will remember talking about him.  They even get to learn how to draw Beekle, the character in a book he wrote that received the Caldecott and they get to see his actual Caldecott medal.  


Here is a link to the video:  Lunch Doodles with Mo, Episode 8, featuring Dan Santat.  The whole Lunch Doodles program is also just great if parents haven't heard about it yet as Mo has an amazing character. 

Came across this article about how folks are decorating their windows with hearts and rainbows across the globe to inspire love and hope with neighbors and friends during this challenging time. Thought it might be fun to share with the school, an art and thoughtfulness activity.


Stained Glass Windows
Life Skills
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Faith & Fun:

This website provides faith, fun, and games for ages 6-12. There is a monthly fee, but perhaps parents may be interested in this. 

Wolf Ridge Outdoor Learning

Earthworks Adventure in Learning

Join naturalists Carol and Robbie on a new and artistic adventure outdoors. You'll search for and learn about the elements of art to be found in the natural materials in your own neighborhood or yard.


The StoryMap has everything you need to participate. Click the button below to start, then scroll through the pictures, questions, videos, and links. 


For this Wolf Ridge Adventure in Learning, you will…

  • take part in an online StoryMap lesson and video (or alternatively read a short printed story/information sheet about birds,)

  • read a poem about birds and complete a set of questions about it,

  • go outside and make your own observations of birds to inspire a poem of your own in a nature journal.

The Power of Energy: How can your decisions save energy? 

This week Caroline and Robby explore the power of energy.  Come along to do experiments to discover how we use energy in our homes every day. Build and test your own solar oven too! Click the button below, then scroll to follow Robby and Caroline's Adventure in Learning through pictures, questions, videos, and links. 

Mother's Day Cards Art Project
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